Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour without EBC 7-Day

Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour without EBC 7-Day

Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour without EBC 7-Day(TN05)

Overview: With Rasuwagadi/Gyirong Port newly opened in Aug 2017 to foreigners, now you can travel overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa. In general, traveling from Kathmandu to Lhasa isn’t ideal for altitude acclimatization due to the rapid altitude gain but this itinerary has skipped EBC to avoid the higher location especially suitable for elders and those who have already visited Mt Everest at Nepal side, and just wanna travel overland to reach Lhasa soonest while sightseeing Tibet along the way. After this tour ends in Lhasa, you can either fly back to Kathmandu, Nepal or continue your journey to mainland China. Caution: this tour wont be any cheaper than just fly between Kathmandu & Lhasa, you do it for sightseeing but wont save you much than flying.

Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour without EBC 7-Day

Day Route Distance/Driving Hrs Daily Activities
Arrival in Kathmandu Our Nepali staff will come to your hotel to pick up your original passport + 1 headshot,

also to have you fill in China Group Visa application form

China Group Visa Application (Mon~Fri only, and holidays aside)
China Group Visa Application (Mon~Fri only, and holidays aside)
China Group Visa Application (Mon~Fri only, and holidays aside) Deliver passport back with China Group Visa done
 D1 Kathmandu【1400m】> Rasuwagadi【1983m】> Kerung【2700m】 145Km/7hrs Early morning pick up from hotel in Kathmandu, then transfer to Rasuwagadi. Say goodbye to Nepali driver.
Clear customs to arrive at Tibet part of the border, Kerung. Tibetan guide & driver will be there waiting
with your Tibet Permit for authority to check. Afterwards transfer to hotel
 D2 Kerung【2700m】> Tingri【4300m】 255km/6hrs Peikutso Lake
 D3 Tingri【4300m】> Shigatse【3850m】 240km/4hrs Tashilhunpo Monastery, Summer Palace of Penchen Lamas
 D4 Shigatse【3850m】> Gyantse【4040m】> Lhasa【3650m】 360km/7hrs Pelkor Chöde Monastery with Gyantse Kumbum, Kharola Glacier, Yamdrotso Lake
 D5 Lhasa【3650m】 50km/1.5hrs Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery
 D6 Lhasa【3650m】 50km/1.5hrs Potala Palace, Zang Gyab Lukhang Park, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Plaza
 D7 Departure from Lhasa to Nepal/China 50km/1.5hrs Transfer to Lhasa Airport/Railway

Days in Kathmandu: China Group Visa application in Kathmandu takes 3-full-working-day, which available from Mon~Fri only, and holiday aside. China Group Visa covers not only your days in Tibet, after Tibet you can also travel to mainland China with it, but your travel plan needs to be told prior so we can have China Group Visa done accordingly.

Day 01: Kathmandu > Rasuwagadi > Kerung
Overnight: Kerung

Early in the morning, Nepali driver will collect you from your hotel in Kathmandu then drive via the scenic countryside of Nepal to Rasuwagadi, Nepal-Tibet border of Nepal side. Say goodbye to Nepali driver, cross the border to arrive at Kerung (also called Grirong), Nepal-Tibet border of Tibet side. Your Tibetan guide & driver will be there waiting with your original Tibet Permit for authority to check. After this immigration formalities, transfer to hotel in Kerung town to stay for the night.

Day 02: Kerung > Tingri
Overnight: Tingri, Guesthouse
Sights: Peikutso Lake

Drive Kerung to Tingri today. En route, you will see Peikutso Lake【4580m】, 18km south of Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) River, near Mt. Shishapangma, the 14th highest mountain in the world. Peikutso Lake is 27km long and 6km wide at its narrowest, of a fabulous turquoise color all year round, and surrounded by Himalaya Mountains reaching 5700 to 6000 meters. There is also usually a lot of wildlife in this area including wild horses, wolves, foxes, deer, gazelle, black-necked cranes as well as yaks and sheep.
Afterwards drive to Tingri for the night. Tingri (aka. New Tingri, Shegar), is a small county town located 7km northwest of Baber. Here you will have far view of Shegar Dzong.

Day 03: Tingri > Shigatse
Overnight: Shigatse
Sights: Tashilhunpo Monastery, Summer Palace of Penchen Lamas

Continue the scenic drive today from Tingri to Shigatse. En route, you will passby Gyatso-la Pass (5248m) & Tropu-la Pass (4540m). Upon arrival in Shigatse, the 2nd largest town in Tibet, you will visit two major sites here: Tashilhunpo Monastery, covering 70,000 sq meters, the largest functioning religious institution in Tibet with 57 halls and 3600 rooms and the seat of successive Panchen Lamas. The huge golden statue of the Future Buddha is the largest gilded statue in the world; Summer Palace of Penchen Lamas is a walled palace complex at the southwestern end of Shigatse. The palace was built in 1844 by the 7th Panchen Lama and is a strange blend of Buddhist temple and Victorian-era mansion.

Day 04: Shigatse > Gyantse > Lhasa
Overnight: Lhasa
Sights: Pelkor Chöde Monastery with Gyantse Kumbum, Kharola Glacier, Yamdrotso Lake

Drive via Southern Friendship Hwy, from Shigatse to Lhasa via Gyantse. Visit Pelkor Chöde Monastery with Gyantse Kumbum at Gyantse. The sprawling compound in the far north of Gyantse town houses Pelkor Chöde Monastery and the monumental Gyantse Kumbum, a chörten filled with fine paintings and statues. Both are deservedly top of the list on most travellers’ must-sees. Palkhor lies at the foot of Dzong Hill. It is well-known for its Kumbum, which has 108 chapels in its four floors. The multi-storied Kumbum Stupa was crowned with a golden dome and umbrella, surrounded with more chapels filled with unique religious statues and murals.
Mt Nojin Kangsang stands tall with an elevation of 7191m between Gyantze County and Nagarzê County, with several snow-capped mountains over 6000m surrounding it. Mount Nojin Kangsang is the most accessible glacier site on the Tibetan Plateau. The famous Kharola Glacier【5560m】is below the south ridge of Mt Nojin Kangsang.
The dazzling Yamdrotso Lake【4441m】lies several hundred meters below the road, and in clear weather is fabulous shade of deep turquoise. Far in the distance is the huge massif of Mt. Nojin Kangtsang【7191m】. Yamdrotso Lake is 130km long from east to west and 70km wide from north to south with a total perimeter of 250km and the surface area of 638 sq km, average depth of 20-40 meters.

Day 05: Lhasa
Overnight: Lhasa
Sights: Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery

About 8km west of central Lhasa, Drepung Monastery was once the world’s largest monasteries. The word Drepung literally translates as ‘rice heap’, a reference to the huge numbers of white monastic buildings that piled up on the hillside.
Approximately 5km north of central Lhasa, Sera Monastery was one of Lhasa’s two great Gelugpa monasteries, second only to Drepung. Between 3pm~5pm (not weekends), monk debating is usually held in Sera Monastery’s debating courtyard.

Day 06: Lhasa
Overnight: Lhasa
Sights: Potala Palace, Zang Gyab Lukhang Park, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Plaza

Lhasa’s cardinal landmark, Potala Palace is one of the great wonders of world architecture. Potala Palace is a structure of massive proportions, with over 1000 rooms, and an awe-inspiring place to visit. The complex of Potala Palace, comprising the White and Red Palaces with their ancillary buildings, is built on Red Mountain in the centre of Lhasa Valley, at an altitude of 3,700m.
Zang Gyab Lukhang Park, situated right behind Potala Palace, Zang Gyab Lukhang Park is a lovely place where locals and tourist hang out, with a lovely lake built during the construction of Potala Palace.
Jokhang Temple is the most revered religious structure in Tibet, thick with the smell of yak butter, the murmur of mantras and the shuffling of pilgrims. In front of the entrance to Jokhang is a forecourt that is perpetually crowded with pilgrims polishing the flagstones with pilgrim prostrations all year long.
Barkhor Plaza, a quadrangle of streets that surrounds Jokhang Temple at Lhasa Old Town. Barkhor Plaza is an area unrivalled in Tibet for its fascinating combination of sacred significance and push-and-shove market economics. Barkhor Plaza is both the spiritual heart of the Holy City Lhasa and the main shopping district for Tibetans.

Day 07: Departure from Lhasa to Nepal/China
The last day of your 7-Day Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour without EBC via Kerung. You can further your trip to mainland China or return to Nepal. Guide & driver will collect you from hotel then transfer to Lhasa Airport/Railway according to your travel plan.