Shegar, Tingri, Old Tingri, & New Tingri

Shegar, Tingri, Old Tingri, & New TingriShegar, Tingri, Old Tingri, & New Tingri? What is the difference and where are they exactly? These are the questions most travelers ask when planning to a trip to Mt Everest. Not only there are many different says on the internet, which are very confusing, and to make things worse, even Lonely Planet, the bible of travelers hasnt exactly gotta it right. Here please allow Tibet4Fun to settle the mystery for you once and for all.

There are what local Tibetans mean when referring to Shegar, Tingri, Old Tingri, & New Tingri —-
Tingri = New Tingri = Shegar
Old Tingri = Gangkar

Tingri = New Tingri = Shegar: it is a small county town located 7km northwest of Baber, easily reached from the crossroad in the middle of Babar. Travelers coming from Shigatse via Sakya Monastery, usually spend the night here before head to Mt Everest the next day. Also Tingri, is the nearest place to Everest where decent guesthouses are available with private bathroom.

Old Tingri = Gangkar: the village of Gangkar, comprises a gritty kilometer-long strip of restaurants, guesthouses and truck-repair workshops lining the Friendship Hwy. It overlooks a sweeping plain bordered by towering Himalayan peaks and is a usual overnight stop for tours heading to or from Ngari. On clear days there are stunning views of Cho Oyu from Gangkar.

Consequently, there are two trekking routes to Everest. When you are planning such a trek, do specify with your travel consultant in the way locals understand it.
Trek Route 1: New Tingri to Everest via Tashi Dzom
Trek Route 2: Old Tingri to Everest via Nam-la