Tibet Travel Info & Permit Up-to-Date 2018

Here at Tibet4Fun we share the Up-to-Date information regarding Tibet travel for international tourists, including issue of Tibet Permit, closure of attractions, road constructions, etc. which may affect your travel plan in Tibet. Follow us to make sure your Tibet travel plan works.

26 Jan 2018 Tibet is to be closed on 10 Feb 2018 till Apr; the exact date of reopening is unknown for now!
29 Oct 2017 Tibet is reopened! On 27 Oct 2017, Tibet Permit application is back to normal and have been issued for late Oct groups. The temporary closure of Tibet is now officially ended.
27 Oct 2017 The nomad tent camp at Everest Base Camp has been closed for winter since 26 Oct 2017. Now the nearest lodging from Everest Base Camp is at the guesthouse of Roungbuk Monastery, abt 8km away.
22 Sep 2017 The closure of China Embassy from 18 Sep ~ 29 Oct 2017 applies only to China Embassy in Kathmandu not other China embassies over the globe. This means you can still travel Tibet so long you enter Tibet from China instead of Nepal during this period. DONE
15 Sep 2017 BAD NEWS: China Embassy in Kathmandu stops issue China Group Visa from 18 Sep ~ 29 Oct 2017! On 14 Sep, we have received news that China embassy in Kathmandu will temporarily stop issue China Group Visa from 18 Sep ~ 29 Oct 2017, for travellers planned to travel Tibet from Nepal. This news has been confirmed again today. We even heard this doesn’t apply only to China embassy in Kathmandu but China embassies all over the globe. To be confirmed. DONE
11 Sep 2017 Tibet is to have a temporary suspension to international tourists between 18 ~ 28 Oct 2017, due to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing during this period. This means all international tourists have to leave Tibet on 17 Oct, and Tibet reopens on 29 Oct.

This news is as usual informed to travel agencies by Tibet Tourism Bureau instead of public official announcement, but it is very much confirmed and settled.

29 Aug 2017 On 29 Aug 2017, all travel agencies received confirmed news from Tibet Tourism Bureau that Gyirong Port is now opened to foreign travellers, which means you can now travel overland between Tibet and Nepal.

Read more here: Gyirong Port Tibet-Nepal Border Confirmed Open to Foreigners on 29 Aug 2017

24 Aug 2017 Yumbulagang Palace has been closed for reconstructed since 24 Aug 2017. Due to years of disrepair, there are structure cracks in Yumbulagang Palace which runs security risks. Yumbulagang Palace is now closed until further notice.
01 Dec 2016 The 17-year-old Tibet Museum in Lhasa was temporarily closed on 01 Dec 2016 due to lack of functional space and outdated facilities, safety and fire-fighting equipment. The reconstructed and expanded museum, to be reopened in 3~5 years, will feature more traditional Tibetan art in its architecture. Besides the main hall, the new museum will have a youth center, viewing room, specialty restaurant, multi-functional academic hall, 4D movie theatre, cultural and creative gifts and book stores.