Tibet Permit Without Tour

Tibet Permit Without TourWe have received lots of inquiries asking if foreigners can travel Tibet without a tour, though they are willing to pay us for Tibet Permit. With deepest regret, we have to decline the request for the simple reason that — Tibet requests a well-organized group for any foreigners, which means every group, even a one-participant one, must be escorted by a travel-licensed guide & vehicle touring along the prearranged time & route. And there are check points dotted along the road in Tibet to check Tibet permit, guide license, and driver license are in order. If found out by authority, that we let you to travel Tibet without guide and travel-licensed vehicle, we as your travel agent, could have our license suspended and face a fine. You has a traveler could be deported.

In Mar 2008, there were a series of riots, protests, and demonstrations took place in Lhasa, local government has implemented more strict regulations on tourism industry ever since. All foreigners are required to book a tour with a travel agency. Only then this travel agency, like Tibet4Fun, can submit the permit application to Tibet Tourism Bureau. Tibet Tourism Bureau will later issue Tibet Permit with travelers’ personal info, tour duration and itinerary listed in detail. Once Tibet Permit is issued, the itinerary cant be changed at will.

As a responsible company, we won’t break the law or get you into trouble. Therefore, we have to say “NO” if you ask for a Tibet permit only. Inevitably, travelers, especially backpackers in particular, are facing a higher tour cost this way. If there were only 1 to 4 of you, consider to join our fixed TIBET GROUP TOURS other than do it as PRIVATE TOUR.