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Tibet4Fun provides quality Tibet tour service to travellers all over the globe, including tailor-made private Tibet tours, fixed-departure budget small group Tibet tours, flight & train bookings, Tibet-China tours, Tibet-Nepal tours, etc. We also act as local agent for many oversea foreign agencies, being a trusted and responsible partner is our primary principle. 

Besides the regular sightseeing tours, Tibet4Fun also provides Tibet Hike Kora Tours, Tibet Train Tours, Mt Kailash Ngari Tours, Tibet Overland Tours from China or Nepal, in the hope to present you with the most raw and authentic Tibet of its faithful Buddhist belief, unique geographical setting, long dramatic history, unique art and architectural taste, and the wild and natural scenery.  

Tibet4Fun promises you a spectacular vacation in Tibet with our carefully selected and designed tour routes, affordable and competitive price, professional and experienced local Tibetan guides and drivers, and our 24hrs-available tour consultants. With our brand-new insider information, quick and meticulous service, strong local connection, Tibet4Fun can fully meet your individual needs of every aspect, and guarantee you a worry-free vacation in Tibet.



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Our Tibet Travle Plan

Lhasa City Classic Tour 4-Day(CL01)

Beijing Xian Lhasa Chengdu Bullet Train Tour 14-Day(TC01)

Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt Everest Namtso Tour 10-Day(ME01)

Classic Mt Kailash Kora Tour 14-Day(KN01)

Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trek 11-Day(HK01)

Chengdu Lhasa Train Tour 6-Day(TT01)

Lhasa & Nyingtri Tour 6-Day(ET01)

Lhasa to Kathmandu Flight Tour 6-Day(TN01)

Lhasa City Group Tour 4-Day(TG01)

Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Namtso Tour 7-Day(CL03)

Lhasa with Namtso Lake Tour 5-Day(CL02)

Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Tour 6-Day(CL04)

Lhasa with Yamdrotso Lake Tour 5-Day(CL05)

Lhasa with Ganden Monastery Tour 5-Days(CL06)

Lhasa with Samye Monastery Tour 5-Day(CL07)

Lhasa Tsetang Yarlung Valley Tour 6-Day(CL08)

Lhasa Yarlung Valley Shigatse Tour 7-Day(CL09)

Lhasa Tsetang Shigatse Namtso Tour 10-Day(CL10)

Lhasa with Drigung Til Monastery & Tidrum Nunnery Tour 6-Day(CL11)

Classic Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt Everest Tour 8-Day(ME02)

Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt Everest Sakya Tour 7-Day(ME03)

Luxury Mt Everest Base Camp Tour 10-Day(ME04)

Short Mt Everest Tour 6-Day(ME05)

Mt Kailash Kora with Saga Dawa Festival 14-Day(KN02)

Ngari Northern Route Tour 20-Day(KN03)

Ngari Northern Route with Mt Kailash Kora Tour 22-Day(KN04)

Lhasa Nyingtri Ngari EBC See-It-All Tibet Tour 29-Day(KN05)

Ganden to Samye Monastery Trek 9-Day(HK02)

Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen Trek 7-Day(HK03)

Shalu to Nartang Monastery Trek 8-Day(HK04)

Beijing Lhasa Train Tour 7-Day(TT02)

Shanghai Tibet Train Tour 8-Day(TT03)

Xining Lhasa Train Tour 7-Day(TT04)

Xian Tibet Train Tour 6-Day(TT05)

Chongqing Tibet Train Tour 7-Day(TT06)

Guangzhou Lhasa Train Tour 7-Day(TT07)

Lanzhou Tibet Train Tour 10-Day(TT08)

Lhasa Nyingchi Tsetang Tour 9-Day(ET02)

Lhasa Nyingtri Rawoktso Lake Tour 10-Day(ET03)

Lhasa Namtso Tidrum Nyingtri Shigatse Tour 16-Day(ET04)

Lhasa Nyingtri Shigatse EBC Tour 15-Day(ET05)

Lhasa Namtso Lake Group Tour 5-Day(TG02)

Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Group Tour 6-Day(TG03)

Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt Everest Group Tour 8-Day(TG04)

Lhasa Shigatse Everest Namtso Group Tour 9-Day(TG05)

Mt Kailash Kora Group Tour 15-Day(TG06)

Nepal-Tibet-Nepal Flight Tour 12-Day(TN02)

Lhasa-Everest-Kathmandu Overland Tour via Zhangmu 7-Day(TN03)

Tibet-EBC-Nepal Overland Tour via Kyirong 8-Day(TN04)

Kathmandu-Everest-Lhasa Overland Tour 8-Day(TN05)

Beijing Lhasa Kunming Train Tour 12-Day(TC02)

Beijing Tibet Shanghai Train Tour 12-Day(TC03)

Chengdu Tibet EBC Train Tour 12-Day(TC04)

Hong Kong Macao Chengdu Tibet Tour 12-Day(TC05)