Packing List for Tibet Trip

For all its attractions, Tibet is a formidable place where even day walks involve survival skills and generous portions of determination. The remoteness of Tibet combined with its extreme climate poses special challenges for travellers – and unique rewards. As it’s situated on the highest plateau on earth and crisscrossed by the world’s loftiest mountains, nothing comes easily and careful preparation is all important.

1_副本.jpgShoes: your shoes are very important while you are in Tibet, especially if you are going for trekking. You should carry good quality waterproof boots when you travel in Tibet as it is a very difficult and rough terrain. Even your central Tibet tour or Everest base camp tour involves some hiking so carry good quality and durable shoes with you while you travel to Tibet.

2_副本.jpgBags/Day Pack: we recommend bringing both large backpack and smaller for daily use. A smaller one, plus a waist bag make it perfect. The smaller one can be used for daily activities and can also be put into the big one when necessary. The waist bag is for take some small and important things with you. Please do not take any big suitcase with you, as a wise traveler knows, the outdoor backpack is the best bag for travel because you can move more freely.

3.jpgToiletries: the hotels and accommodation units in Tibet are very basic so always carry towels, soap, cup, a small towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers. Carry some disposable undergarments as taking a shower every day in Tibet is not always possible.


4.jpgMedicine: while you go to Tibet carry the medicines for cold, headache, and stomach ache, allergies and insect bite, diarrhea and medicines you need on daily basis. Carry some Diamox pills to use in case of altitude sickness. Consult your doctor for any medication required while you travel to higher altitudes.

5.jpgSkin Care Products: the intensity of solar radiation and wind is strong in Tibet resulting in infected skin very fast. Skin care products such as lip balms, sun block, and skin creams sunglasses are must while you travel to Tibet. Always carry a hat, a pair of sunglasses and wear full sleeve clothes to protect you from sun burn.

6.jpgCash: ATMs are not very common in Tibet out of Lhasa and only few big hotels accept credit cards. Please carry enough cash (consult our trip consultants who will advise the cash you need according to your travel duration and region you are travelling). Carry local Chinese currency RMB as many places don’t accept US dollars or other currencies.

7.jpgSnacks: buy some dry food in Lhasa, like nuts, chocolate and power bars when you are travelling to Tibet as the towns in Tibet are far away from each other and you might feel like eating on the way even when you are driving. Bottled mineral water will be provided by T4F, as we usually pack our vehicles with box and box of mineral water for our clients.

8.jpgElectrical Current: the electrical current in Tibet is 220v, AC 50 Hz. There are numerous different plug types used in Tibet, so it might be easier to purchase an adapter once you get there.