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Gyirong Port Tibet-Nepal Border Confirmed Open to Foreigners on 29 Aug 2017

On 29 Aug 2017, all travel agencies received confirmed news from Tibet Tourism Bureau that Gyirong Port is now opened to foreign travellers, which means you can

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Free Service if enter Tibet from Chengdu

Tibet4Fun Special - Tibet4Fun has offices in both Chengdu & Lhasa. To encourage tourists to choose Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province, as your entry city of Tibet, which is much easier for us to give you the original Tibet Permit and to collect bal

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Best Deal of Tibet Travel at Tibet4Fun

Tibet4Fun provides quality Tibet tour service to travellers all over the globe, including tailor-made private Tibet tours, fixed-departure budget small group Tibet tours, flight & train bookings, Tibet-China tours, Tibet-Nepal tours, etc. We also act as l

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How to Tour Tibet

For foreigners to travel Tibet, not only you need China Visa to be applied back home by yourself but also Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit (TTP) which will be applied by us for you here in Lhasa.There are 3 kinds of Tibet Permits: Tibet Travel Permit(TTP), Ali

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Tibetan Festival Sola Calendar 2017

It must be wired for foreigners to hear that we don’t know when it is exactly our festival. Besides the universal solar calendar, Tibet has our own Tibetan calendar, and all our festivals are based on it, thus lands on different solar days every year.

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China Visa

Apart from visa-free visit to Hong Kong & Macau, and the useful 72hrs-visa-free transit stays you will need a visa to visit China. Citizens from Japan, Singapore, Brunei, San Marino, Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Bahamas do not require a visa to visit

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Shegar, Tingri, Old Tingri, & New Tingri

Shegar, Tingri, Old Tingri, & New Tingri? What is the difference and where are they exactly? These are the questions most travelers ask when planning to a trip to Mt Everest. Not only there are many different says on the internet, which are very confusing

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Packing List for Tibet Trip

For all its attractions, Tibet is a formidable place where even day walks involve survival skills and generous portions of determination. The remoteness of Tibet combined with its extreme climate poses special challenges for travellers – and unique reward

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Tibetan Festivals Sola Calendar 2018

Most of Tibet’s festivals are fixed according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, in order to help tourists to make an earlier 2018 Tibet travel plan, Tibet4Fun has already worked out the latest Tibet Festival Calendar 2018 for your reference.

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Join Our Chengdu Card Game Party on Every Weekend

How to make your Chengdu tour special? How to make friends with local Chengduese if you are a foreigner live in Chengdu alone? Come and join our Chengdu card g

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Avoid High Altitude Sickness in Tibet

Most people who plan to come to Tibet worry about the high altitude sickness (or acute mountain sickness, AMS). There is no need to be overly worried. Very few travelers are adversely affected by the altitude for very long, except those with serious heart

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Accommodations in Tibet

Generally speaking, Tibet offers a decent range of accommodations, many with hot showers and some 3~5 star options especially at bigger cities and towns. Below is a rough summary of the availabilities of different ranges of accommodations that can hosts f

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Treks in Tibet

Tibet, the highest land on earth, is a trekker’s dream. Its towering mountains, deep valleys and verdant forests offer unbounded opportunities for walking. On foot the joys of the Tibetan landscape are highlighted and immediate, and all other modes of tra

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Tibet Travel Info & Permit Up-to-Date 2018

Here at Tibet4Fun we share the Up-to-Date information regarding Tibet travel for international tourists, including issue of Tibet Permit, closure of attractions, road constructions, etc. which may affect your travel plan in Tibet. Follow us to make sure y

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Tibet Train 2018

This page is a complete sum-up of the latest update of Tibet Train 2018, including Tibet train schedule and fare from/to different cities. One major change is that since Oct 2017, trains Chongqing-Lhasa & Chengdu-Lhasa have been shorten for 7hrs due to th

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How to Travel from Germany to Tibet?

From Germany to Tibet is about 6672km away but it doesn’t stop the enthusiastic Germen travellers travel from Germany to Tibet every year. Here Tibet4Fun shares with you some useful tips about how to travel from Germany to Tibet.

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Which Tibet Tour Better, Group or Private?

Generally speaking there are two kinds of tours in Tibet, Group Tour & Private Tour. Which Tibet Tour is Better, Group or Private? Well, each type has its pros & cons, to choose the better option for yourself, it really depends on your situation and prefe

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Foodie Guide of Tibet

For foodies, Tibet offers a different kind of fun. Tibetan food, like its people and their culture, has a very unique character -- you either love it or hate it. As of everything, you will have to try it yourself to know. Tibetan food is a combined result

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Tibet Train Schedule and Fare 2017

With our strong local connections, Tibet4Fun provides Tibet train tickets booking service to those who have booked their Tibet tour with us, and charges additional service fee from CNY 100~1000 per ticket, according to availability & month & city.

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Tibet Permit Without Tour

We have received lots of inquiries asking if foreigners can travel Tibet without a tour, though they are willing to pay us for Tibet Permit. With deepest regret, we have to decline the request for the simple reason that -- Tibet requests a well-organized

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Overland from Lhasa to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Lhasa?

With the new opening of Kerung-Rasuwagadi border (aka. Gyirong, Kyirong) on 29 Aug 2017, many agencies here in Tibet have launched group tour from Lhasa to Kerung Border via Mt Everest right away. A few have also launched group tour from Kerung to Lhasa b

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Enter Tibet from Nepal

In Lhasa, we will apply you Tibet Permit, as well as an official Invitation Letter for China Group Visa (≠ China Visa. The usual China visa is of no use here). And we will forward this Invitation Letter to our Nepali partner, with it & your passport, he c

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Apartment Rental for Foreigners in Chengdu

How to find an apartment in Chengdu as a foreigner? TIBET4FUN provides apartment rental intermediary services for foreigners in Chengdu. According to your rent

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Where to Stay in Lhasa -Phuntsok Khasang International Youth Hostel

If you are at the moment tangling with the many hotel options Lhasa got to offer, Phuntsok Khasang International Youth Hostel would be a good choice especially

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Upcoming Shoton Festival 21 Aug 2017

This year Shoton Festival falls on 21 Aug 2017 of solar calendar. Shoton Festival is one of the grandest traditional festivals in Tibet. In Tibetan language, “sho” means yogurt, or sour milk; “ton” means banquet. Shoton Festival is an exotic and extraordi

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Nepal to Tibet Overl

With Rasuwagadi/Gyirong Port newly opened in Aug 2017 to foreigners, now it is possible travel overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa. This 8-day Nepal to Tibet Overland with EBC Tour via Rasuwagadi/Gyirong Port is a very classic route starting at Kathmandu & ending at Lhasa, with Mt Everest being its sta

Leisurely Central Ti

This itinerary is especially designed for seniors to travel central Tibet at a more leisurely pace but none less adventurous. Seniors can conquer the highland of Tibet no less than young ones but at a different speed. The tour is proceed at a leisurely pace, allowing seniors to explore each location

Tibet to Nepal Borde

Gyirong Port (aka. Kerung, Kyirong) is newly opened to foreigners on 29 Aug 2017. It had been a long wait since Nepal earthquake in April 2015, and finally you can travel overland between Tibet & Nepal via Gyirong Port. Come and join this brand new route of Lhasa → Gyantse → Shigatse → EBC → Gyi

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