Join Our Chengdu Card Game Party on Every Weekend

How to make your Chengdu tour special? How to make friends with local Chengduese if you are a foreigner live in Chengdu alone? Come and join our Chengdu card game party on every weekend.

No membership is required. No age limit. No any special requirements, really. We are just a bunch of people work and live in Chengdu and don’t want to spend the weekend alone, so we gather together to play card games on every weekend and invite you now to join us.
We hope you enjoy your time in Chengdu, not only with its beautiful scenery and delicious Sichuan cuisine, but get to know real local Sichuanese people by join our card game party on every weekend in Chengdu.

At our Chengdu card game party on every weekend, you can play mahjong, learn Mandarin and Sichuan dialect, and try local Chinese poker games like Dou dizhu (斗地主, Fight Against Landlords), Run Fast (跑得快), etc. Of course, there is no shortage of usual card games you are familiar with.

We don’t care about where you come from, your age, your race, your religious beliefs, or if you are gay or straight, we are just want to have fun at our Chengdu card game party on every weekend instead of being alone and miserable. We welcome everybody who’d like to join us, yourself included.

Time: 13:00-18:00, every Saturday or Sunday
Address: Public cafes or dinner bars in Chengdu city (We will inform you address at time of your registration. We work with many different local cafes or dinner bars, so every week we may go to a new one)
Cost: RMB 50 per person per time for spot reservation (any additional expenses such as drinks, meals, etc. are not included)
Contact us to sign up: WeChat: zerocomic whatsapp:+86 13608098336

P.S.we can help with your travel plan in China as well, we are based in Chengdu & Tibet
Join Our Chengdu Card Game Party on Every Weekend