Mt Kailash Ngari Tours provides you with various tour options to the vast, thinly populated Ngari, Tibet’s wild west with an average altitude of over 4500m. From Lhasa to Ngari, most tours will take between 2~3 weeks.
Worshipped by more than a billion Buddhists and Hindus, Asia’s most sacred mountain, Mt Kailash, rises from the Barkha plain in Ngari, western Tibet, like a giant four-sided 6714m chorten. Throw in the stunning nearby Lake Manasarovar and a basin that forms the source of four of Asia’s greatest rivers, and who’s to say this place really isn’t the centre of the world? Travel here to one of the world’s most beautiful and remote corners brings an added bonus: the three-day pilgrim path around the mountain erases the sins of a life time.