Which Tibet Tour Better, Group or Private?

Generally speaking there are two kinds of tours in Tibet, Group Tour & Private Tour. Which Tibet Tour is Better, Group or Private? Well, each type has its pros & cons, to choose the better option for yourself, it really depends on your situation and preference.

Tibet Group Tour to Everest Base Camp ~Tibet Group Tour

Pros: Tibet Group Tour is often much cheaper than Tibet Private Tour, especially suitable for solo travellers. If there are less than 4Pax of you together, it is always cheaper to join a Tibet Group Tour.

Cons: Usually promised by local agents to be no larger than 12Pax per group, still when you travel together with other people, individuality cant be taken care of to perfection – you will share with others a guide & a vehicle, and the hotels are decided by tour agencies. The itinerary is very much confirmed and cant be altered for you alone, which means the route you will to travel and the sights you will to seen are the mainstream ones. Unless you book about 2~3 months in advance, you cant choose your tour starting date, but those offered by travel agents.

Tibet Group Tour to Everest Base Camp ~

Tibet Private Tour of German traveler, drinking beer while s Tibet Private Tour

Pros: You and yours are the only travelers with a guide & a vehicle at your service exclusively. The itinerary & hotels are to be discussed and pre-agreed with you, very much to your preference so long within the regulations of Tibet. During travlling in Tibet, you have much freedom as well being the only traveler(s). eg. the daily sightseeing starting time, the sight visiting time…

Cons: Tibet is one of the most expensive places to travel in China. Mainly it is because Tibet is so very large, to travel one place to another usually covers a long distance, which means high charge of vehicle, and due to regulations of Tibet, foreigners have to be accompanied by local guides daily. Cha-ching cha-ching! But if there are 4 of you together, it will be almost the same price as Tibet Group Tour.

Tibet Private Tour of German traveler, drinking beer while strolling a Tibetan village ~

Hope this helps. If you are still a bit confused as which type to choose for your Tibet tour, feel free to get in touch with us.