Chengdu Lhasa Train Tour 6-Day(TT01)

The 43hr train ride from Chengdu to Lhasa is a big attraction of this 6-day Chengdu Lhasa Train Tour itself. You ll spend two nights in the train passing Tibetan plateau all the way to Lhasa. And the most favoured sights in Lhasa are all included, Potala Palace, Zang Gyab Lukhang Park with Lukhang Temple, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka Park, Tibet Museum, and Sera Monastery.

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Beijing Lhasa Train Tour 7-Day(TT02)

Train from Beijing to Lhasa is especially hard to purchase, they almost never available for sale on the official site of China Railway, but with our connections Tibet4Fun can guaranteed you the booking of it, so long you book this tour with us in advance. The train from Beijing to Lhasa takes abt 41hrs, and you ll spend two nights in the train. After sightseeing in Lhasa city, you will head for Namtso Lake for a day’s excursion.

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Shanghai Tibet Train Tour 8-Day(TT03)

Shanghai train is required to be booked 60-day in advance to guarantee it. from Shanghai to Lhasa, the train journey lasts abt 48hrs, and you will spend two nights in the train, passing Tibtan plateau all the way to Lhasa. Then tour the centre part of Tibet from Lhasa to Gyantse then Shigatse, before the last star attraction of the tour, the miraculous holy lake of Namtso.

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Chongqing Tibet Train Tour 7-Day(TT06)

The train from Chongqing to Lhasa departs every other day only, for a duration of 42hrs, two nights in the train. Sightseeing the most popular sight of Lhasa, such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, etc, then a day’s excursion to Ganden Monastery, as well as the little-heard but loved-by-local Drak Yerpa.

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Xining Lhasa Train Tour 7-Day(TT04)

There are many trains depart from Xining to Lhasa daily, makes train tickets most easily to purchase, relatively speaking, of course. But not always we can guarantee which time of train we can get, so to spend a night prior in Xining is highly suggested. train from Xining to Lhasa takes but abt 22hrs, and you will only stay one night in the train. After Lhasa sightseeing heading to Gyantse and Shigatse, before ends the tour in Lhasa.

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Xian Tibet Train Tour 6-Day(TT05)

Xian is not an original start point of the train but a stop in the middle only, making the train tickets especially hard to purchase. Thus to book 60-day prior is required. Train from Xian to Lhasa takes abt 32hrs, and you ll stay one night in the train. After sightseeing in Lhasa, you will take a day excursion to Yamdrotso Lake passing Kamba-la(4700m).

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Guangzhou Lhasa Train Tour 7-Day(TT07)

From Guangzhou to Lhasa the train takes a hard 54hrs, and you ll spend two nights in the train. A bit tiresome, hopefully the view along the way will make it up for you. After sightseeing in Lhasa of its most popular attractions, heading to Samye Monastery for an excursion, of which is wildly considered deservedly the most popular destination for travelers in the Ü region

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Lanzhou Tibet Train Tour 10-Day(TT08)

The train from Lanzhou to Lhasa takes abt 25hrs, one night in the train. After Lhasa sightseeing, tour along Gyantse, Shigatse, then Mt Everest, with its unobstructed north face framed in the prayer flags. On the way back to Lhasa, visit Tashihunpo Monastery covering 70,000 sq meters, and Summer Palace of Panchen Lamas.

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Nepal to Tibet Overl

With Rasuwagadi/Gyirong Port newly opened in Aug 2017 to foreigners, now it is possible travel overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa. This 8-day Nepal to Tibet Overland with EBC Tour via Rasuwagadi/Gyirong Port is a very classic route starting at Kathmandu & ending at Lhasa, with Mt Everest being its sta

Leisurely Central Ti

This itinerary is especially designed for seniors to travel central Tibet at a more leisurely pace but none less adventurous. Seniors can conquer the highland of Tibet no less than young ones but at a different speed. The tour is proceed at a leisurely pace, allowing seniors to explore each location

Tibet to Nepal Borde

Gyirong Port (aka. Kerung, Kyirong) is newly opened to foreigners on 29 Aug 2017. It had been a long wait since Nepal earthquake in April 2015, and finally you can travel overland between Tibet & Nepal via Gyirong Port. Come and join this brand new route of Lhasa → Gyantse → Shigatse → EBC → Gyi

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