Classic Mt Kailash Kora Tour 14-Day(KN01)

This Mt Kailash Kora Tour of 14-day is truly a very classic itinerary for Mt Kailash kora. Take your time to head to Mt Kailash, seeing the important sights along the way, including Yamdtaotso, Pelkor with Gyantse Kumbum, Mt Everest, etc, also allow your body to acclimatize properly for the coming star attraction of this tour, the 3-day Mt Kailash Kora of a distance of 52m.

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Ngari Northern Route with Mt Kailash Kora Tour 22-Day(KN04)

This is an adventure in Ngari requiring time, money, spiritual and physical strength. Starts from Lhasa, touring along Friendship Highway to Mt Everest, then head to Mt Kailash for the 3-day Kora. After which is the mysterious Tsaparang Ruins, continue the northern route a little more northerner, a circle-like route back to Lhasa, passing the wild north of Ali, Rutok, Pangongtso, Gegye, Gertse, Tsochen, Raka.

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Ngari Northern Route Tour 20-Day(KN03)

This is not the kind of tour with luxury and much social included. Ngari Northern Route Tour includes lots of rare sites where very few travellers set foot on, let alone foreign travellers. Most of the time you ll pass endless grassland without another vehicle or being in sight. But this is what this tour aiming for, for the right kind of people who are looking for a little bit solitude in the raw nature.

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Lhasa Nyingtri Ngari EBC See-It-All Tibet Tour 29-Day(KN05)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you before-handed: this is not a tour for the faint-hearted nor the weak-willed! Lhasa Nyingtri Ngari EBC See-It-All Tibet Tour is a ture challenge of a long duration of 29-day touring the most remote part of Tibet. A few days without shower during the tour is implied, a weight loss after the tour is guaranteed, and it’s for sure gonna expensive. Haha… if you re still interested, do contact us.

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Mt Kailash Kora with Saga Dawa Festival 14-Day(KN02)

Doing the Mt Kailash Kora at Saga Dawa Festival, Sakyamuni’s Enlightment celebration, is of extra merriment. Lots of local Tibetans will be here at Mt Kailsh, preforming the ceremony of raising the Tarboche prayer pole, and lots of dancing, singing, and drinking is involved, of course, if you know Tibetans at all. Mt Kailash Kora takes 3-days to complete, covering a distance of 52km, with Drolma-la(5360m) at it’s highest point along the way.

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Mt Kailash & Lake Manasarovar Sightseeing Tour 10-Day(KN08)

This 10-day Mt Kailash & Lake Manasarovar Sightseeing Tour spares you the hardship of kora around Mt Kailash & Lake Manasarovar but to tour it by local environment-friendly shuttle bus. This itinerary is especially suitable for the elderlies or who are not physically strong. But still there is long hours of daily ride involved which is specified in our itinerary, so pls make the decision based on your physic abilities.

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Ngari Southern Route with Tsaparang Tour 16-Day(KN06)

This 16-day Ngari Southern Route with Tsaparang Tour is designed for tough ones like yourself who wants to see as much as possible as long as the time allows. The daily sightseeing plans are full and tight, or you ll be spending the day on a long hard drive heading to the next day’s destination. This tour not only included the mysterious alien-land-like Tsaparang(Guge Kingdom Ruins), also Khyung Lung Dngul Mkhar(Khyung Lung Silver Castle) knows by very few.

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Short Mt Kailash Kora Tour 12-Day(KN07)

This is a relatively cheaper Mt Kailash Kora tour, but certainly not the most cost-effective one. Instead of sightseeing along the way to make the most of it, this itinerary set Mt Kailash Kora as the single determined goal, to head to it from Lhasa with as little detour as possible. This 12-Day Short Mt Kailash Kora Tour is especially suitable for those who have been to Tibet before, or just interested in Mt Kailash Kora.

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Nepal to Tibet Overl

With Rasuwagadi/Gyirong Port newly opened in Aug 2017 to foreigners, now it is possible travel overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa. This 8-day Nepal to Tibet Overland with EBC Tour via Rasuwagadi/Gyirong Port is a very classic route starting at Kathmandu & ending at Lhasa, with Mt Everest being its sta

Leisurely Central Ti

This itinerary is especially designed for seniors to travel central Tibet at a more leisurely pace but none less adventurous. Seniors can conquer the highland of Tibet no less than young ones but at a different speed. The tour is proceed at a leisurely pace, allowing seniors to explore each location

Tibet to Nepal Borde

Gyirong Port (aka. Kerung, Kyirong) is newly opened to foreigners on 29 Aug 2017. It had been a long wait since Nepal earthquake in April 2015, and finally you can travel overland between Tibet & Nepal via Gyirong Port. Come and join this brand new route of Lhasa → Gyantse → Shigatse → EBC → Gyi

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